Travel used to focus on discovery, but many now prioritize holistic health experiences in addition to cultural activities, and Asian hotels and resorts are responding positively. By partnering with local communities, cooking classes and art workshops are promoted alongside mindfulness retreats. Governments are showing support as well by funding festivals and making long-term visas in Thailand easier to obtain. The Saol retreat has met the booming demand in Koh Samui with a balanced program that offers a holistic mind and body health approach in a tropical setting.

COVID rearranged our health priorities. Public Health England’s 2020 survey revealed 80% of respondents sought healthier lifestyles in 2021. Similarly, 62% of Americans acknowledged the elevated importance of health post-pandemic. 2023 signifies a profound shift towards wellness, authentic connections, and meaningful experiences in travel. Adaptation to these evolving trends and the creation of innovative wellness offerings will position businesses for success in this dynamic industry. 

Wellness and Connection

A 2022 Travel Trends report found that 21% of global travelers are now focusing on health and wellness. This number is projected to rise, with 29% expressing future interest. Travelers are no longer satisfied with sightseeing alone; they yearn for genuine connections with loved ones. The Saol Wellness Retreat in Koh Samui, Thailand offers local cooking classes, trips to an elephant sanctuary, and a holistic wellness program.

Experiences Over Possessions

2023 sees a continued preference for experiences over material possessions. Travelers prioritize cultural immersion in lesser-known destinations, with a 65% increase in spend on experiences since 2019. Try an exclusive afternoon tea service at the CESVI Hotel in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Try an exclusive afternoon tea service at the CESVI Hotel in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Embracing the Outdoors

Outdoor activities and national parks remain popular. Travelers seek fresh air and open spaces, making nature a focal point for rejuvenation. A rise in agrotourism helps travelers interact with local farmers and grow their own vegetables. Or visit an island turtle sanctuary during your stay at the CESVI Hotel in Xiao Liu Qiu, Taiwan.

Catering to Wellness Travelers

Guests are looking for healthy dining options, fitness facilities, authentic local partnerships, and unique wellness programs. The spa at the Kavya in Nagarkot, Nepal is the perfect backdrop to admire the Himalayas.

The Louis T Collection portfolio is driven by innovation, enhancing the modern travel experience in the growing Asian hotel market. Our selection of properties combines wellness with the chance to be immersed in a new culture. We’ve curated each offering with the modern traveler in mind. Discover your next travel destination.