Services & Solutions

Our approach

We have generated success partnering with boutique hotels and resorts, individual operators, and independent wellness brands in Asia and the Pacific. We customise our range of solutions to meet each projects’ unique needs and optimise its performance.

Our Offerings

Hotel Operations Management

We offer a fully managed service of tech-driven hospitality and building solutions. By combining a team of seasoned hospitality specialists with a modern technology suite, we remove all obstacles to ensure your properties are run smoothly. We do it all: from building and renovation solutions, to operational and commercial performance, to talent management and recruitment. We ensure independent hotels maintain their unique charm, while elevating them to become a member of Louis T Collection.

Asset Management

Our team has experience in managing brands with multiple asset types. We maximise value and potential by evaluating operations, identifying key issues, and implementing necessary changes. We specialise in asset oversight and performance review, operational and development consulting, strategic planning and organisational restructuring, hotel market repositioning and brand relations, franchise and management company evaluation, and contract negotiations.

Hotel Development

No detail is too small or too large for our team to handle. We provide turnkey solutions and take an integrated approach to hotel development that addresses every aspect of your business and of the travellers’ experience. Our active, detailed involvement from day one and our use of the best vendors and service providers ensures total quality management. We deliver on time, on budget solutions and guide you through the process.

Hotel Repositioning, Renovation, and Programs

We can help you restart and reposition for accelerated growth. We have seen sustained results from refurbishment and renovation of existing properties, introduction of hotel market positioning and creation of premier wellness programs. All delivering streamlined operating performance, while future-proofing your financial structure with maximum return on investment.

Technical Services & Interior Design

We have an eye for design and know how to make each hotel unique. We balance classic foundations with traditional, local elements and captivating details. Every item we hand select has style, quality, and superior craftsmanship. Our interior design focus during hotel renovations help travellers feel at home with luxurious touches while helping them to escape to a new environment. Our locally-sourced designs help our hotels to blend into their natural environments, while our high-end choices make them stand out from competitors.

Finance & Procurement

Unlike most traditional hospitality management companies, our on-the-ground networks give us unique insight to address hotel requirements and procurement challenges. From ground-up hotel developments to repositioning and renovation, we’ll give you a competitive advantage and innovative solutions wherever your next hotel is located.

Connected by Louis T: Revenue Management

We offer a more hands-off approach for those who want to retain their management services, but want to increase revenue. This flexible option connects you to a larger audience, while leaving the operational control of the hotel in the hands of the owner. A team of dedicated digital experts helps to direct more travellers to your offerings while offering you different levels of hotel management. Connected by Louis T is a high powered, distilled revenue management service with a focus on Artificial Intelligence optimisation that simplifies your tasks.

On Demand Hotel Consultancy

Want to pick and choose exactly what you need at the moment? We provide ad hoc services to take your properties to new heights.

Our services:

  • Regenerate underperforming properties
  • Customised FOH & BOH audits
  • Financial & operational performance assessments
  • Guest/employee experience planning
  • Brand, culture, and values foundation redesign
  • Service delivery, operational practices, and stakeholder wellbeing concepting
  • Hotel sales & marketing management
  • Brand development & positioning
  • Staff training & development
  • Quality assurance & compliance
  • Online presence management
  • Food & Beverage concept development

We excel in streamlining operations, maximising revenue, and finding unique ways to position your brand in the hotel market. Our meticulous attention to detail enhances the guest experience, drives bookings, and cultivates a loyal customer base.