Louis spent five years in Thailand’s Royal Palace where his mother was governess to the children of King Mongkut of Siam (Thailand). As an adult he became an entrepreneur and adventurer circling the globe. However, Thailand was home. He was a military captain in the Siamese Royal Calvary, private timber trading magnate and owner of the legendary Oriental Hotel in Bangkok.

Well known for his generosity and eccentricity visitors’ heights and names were marked on towering teak posts supporting the balcony of his home, which still stands to this day.

Even the Oriental Hotel bears witness to its much-loved former owner. Within the tropical gardens a time capsule was placed by Louis T Leonowens (Thailand) Limited. Its contents are to remain a mystery until opened in 2055.

Louis founded the Louis Thomas Leonowens Company in 1905, a leading exporter of Malaysian hardwoods and an importer of building materials and general merchandise. Louis’s life story came to a close in 1919, but his legacy and business interests continue well beyond his death, under the Getz Group of Companies.

The new Louis T Collection followed in its namesake’s footsteps by acquiring its first hotel in Thailand in 2015 – Mantra Samui Resort on the island of Koh Samui. Over a century later, Louis T Leonowens is once again in the hotel business.

We believe, as did the man himself, that travel is about fully exploring and experiencing a location, from its culture and its people, its history and hidden secrets to the very heart of a community.

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