We partner with those who share a similar passion and appreciation for a design experience that encompasses nature and the culture of the surrounds. The group’s in-house expertise provides an unparalleled support structure to the independent operator.


Louis T’s affiliate that focuses on a range of interior, exterior and specialty materials for the building industry and office and residential furniture. The group also specializes in project management.


An affiliate specializing in custom case goods for the hospitality industry. All products are of the highest standard; all services of the greatest efficiency, and all costs represent the most effective budget.


DFurniture offers a wide array of products from ergonomic seating and adjustable desks to flexible workstations and system furniture.


​​Louis T's asset management team is to help hotel owners make the most of the real estate investment. Act as an owner’s representative in dealing with operators, contracts and leases, compliance concerns, accounting, reporting, capital expenditures and even relationship management in ownership transitions. We understand the priorities and responsibilities of owning real estate in all its many forms and stages. We strive to complement operator services with support services in development, ROI analysis, business planning, budget review, marketing and market research, accounting, finance and engineering.